I almost forgot that today is also the first night of Passover, so here’s a couple of suggestions to create a vegan Seder plate. Substitute a roasted beet for the roasted lamb bone (no one should be eating babies, anyway) and for the egg, try seeds or flowers, because they’re symbolic of spring and hold the potential for new life like an egg does.

Back to Earth Day, the theme for 2024 is “Planet vs. Plastics”.

Sustainable lifestyles are considered to be ways of living, social behaviors, and choices — that minimize environmental degradation (use of natural resources, CO2 emissions, waste and pollution) while supporting equitable socio-economic development and better quality of life, not only for us, but for future generations and Mother Earth.

That’s what I like to think I’m doing when I visit my favorite consignment shop (haha).

I attended the very first Earth Day celebration in 1970 at Balboa Park in San Diego with a crowd of about 70,000 people. The weather was beautiful, about 68 degrees, and I must have skipped school that Wednesday.

After all this time, I can’t remember who I went with or how I got there but I do recall walking from booth to booth looking for free stuff and having an unpleasant encounter with a San Diego cop, probably about being truant.

There is a vague recollection that I swore at him and he got all puffed up and intimidating, threatening to call my dad until I told him to go ahead, my dad was a lawyer…and then he walked away. Miss you, Daddy, and thank you!

Gaia, known as the mother goddess, was the personification of Earth. She’s described as a caring and nurturing mother figure to all of her children, plants, and other living creatures on this planet.

If we take care of Mother Earth, she’ll take care of us!

Here are some way to live a more sustainable lifestyle from the Center for Biological Diversity.

🌎 Think twice before shopping.
🌎 Ditch plastic and switch to reuse.
🌎 Take extinction off your plate.
🌎 Simplify the holidays.
🌎 Choose organic.
🌎 Ditch fast fashion and animal-based textiles.
🌎 Be water wise.
🌎 Drive less, drive green.
🌎 Green your home.
🌎 Boycott products that endanger wildlife.
🌎 Fight for the right to choose when and if to start a family.
🌎 Take action.
🌎 Use your voice.



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